Reporting on News That Matters in Illinois

The Illinois News Network, a project of the Franklin Center, effectively communicates statehouse news – from the taxpayer’s perspective – to the people of Illinois. In doing so, we are reporting it all daily: The good, the bad and ugly, and helping would be voters to untangle the often garbled or government sided misinformation that the mainstream media reports.

State capitols are the taxpayers’ biggest blind spot. They are Pandora’s boxes of corruption, waste, and backroom deals.

Statehouses are where governmental problems, such as career lawmakers and crony capitalism, rob tens of millions from state coffers often in plain sight – because nobody is watching.

But the Franklin Center is there – our team of journalists is on guard. They are committed to truth and accuracy. And we are not just a news outlet, but a news service, providing content to hundreds of newspapers across the country daily.

Your donation will advance your principles—filling the stark void of fair and balanced state news coverage that is accountable to those who pay for government – YOU – and not those who work in government.

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